Lonita (lonita) wrote,

Happy New Rooster Year

Saturday afternoon we had a special New Year class with my sensei's sensei; a man that used to freak me out just by looking at him. I have since discovered he's a nice guy, but when he's not smiling he has a very stern face that used to freak me out some.

I end up doing poorly with him teaching sometimes, especially when he's just having us do drills, because he wants us to move quickly with no zanshin, and speed is my worst fault. So if I do things as quickly as he has us do them, I don't do them well. Every week I work to keep things slower, paced, so it throws me off when I'm asked to move more quickly.

I did pick up a couple of good tips though, particularly about what I do during furikaburi (a position right after nukitsuke - normally - and prior to bringing the sword down in a cut from an overhead position). Apparently rather than sending the tip first, I have a habit of pulling the tsuka (hilt of the sword) forward a little before I send the tip. This would be okay were I about to clock someone in the forehead prior to cutting them, but not so good elsewise. Being more mindful of that, reminds me to place my left hand more towards the end of the tsuba than I normally do, which is probably the biggest reason for my sword bouncing at the eend of overhead cuts - also the fact I don't lock my wrists enough.

I never fail to learn something each week. Now let's hope I can remember it from one week to another - long term.

I was glad to spend the afternoon in the dojo though - any excuse or chance I can get to spend another hour with my sword in my hand, I'll take.

Tags: class, iaido, lunar new year, year of the rooster
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