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I will if you will

The lawyer I've been dealing with in regards to my mother's estate, is the smoothest character on the block. I wish I could have gotten yesterday morning's interaction on video, because words won't do it justice.

I had to sign an affidavit swearing that the will found was not hers (it wasn't), and as I'm getting my coat on to go I asked about how long it'd take and when he'd send it off, or something of that nature. And he says, with barely the ghost of a smile on his face, "Oh I'm not sending it. I'm going to put my coat on and walk it over to the courthouse myself, because I feel this needs personal attention and a thank-you."

Translation: He's going over there to personally make sure it gets on the right clerk's desk right away, or even right onto a judge's desk not under a pile of papers where it'll sit in the dark for a month and not get signed.

This means this situation could be entirely done and over with by the end of next week; which will relieve me no end.

My advice, my absolute begging desire of you all, is that you not die without a will. It's not just about having something to leave; it's also about making sure things are dealt with, that someone has the power to deal with them, and that if there is anything - money or otherwise - that it more tidily ends up in the hands of the people who should have it. Because, believe me when I say that the law does not always want what you want. Do not assume that assets of any kind, will automatically end up with a spouse or children, or anywhere they should be going; nor that anyone will even have or get the access they need to deal with it. I've been dealing with lawyers for almost a year now, because my mother died without a will and the bank wouldn't even, for example, tell me what was in her bank accounts, because I was not (at the time) her heir according to Ontario law; despite her wishes, despite a pre-nup, despite her husband divesting himself of claims to the estate.

Make. A. Will.

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